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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What can I do if my pictures are too big ?

The current maximum image size is approximately 8Mb; an image of this size could take several minutes to upload depending on your Internet connection speed.
We therefore recommend that you make the pictures much smaller if this is possible for you to achieve.
However, if this is not easy, if your pictures are less than 8Mb, upload them one at a time; the first one can be uploaded when you initially create the Ad, the others can be added by 'Editing' your Ad after the initial creation, from your Client Home page. Remember ! - the pictures must be added in sequence. i.e. Picture 2 can not be added if you have not added picture 1; and picture 3 can only be added if pictures 1 and 2 are already in place.

Q2: Do I have to register to use Wannafone?

You do NOT need to register to Browse and Reply to Ads - but you must Register to Post Ads.
Your Email address is your unique Login; if you change this at any point, you will need to contact us if you would like your Wannafone Login to be changed to your new address.

Q3: Why doesn't my Ad appear on the Wannafone website?

There are 2 common reasons why this might occur:
When you initially create your Ad at the 'POST YOUR FREE AD!' page, the Ad is placed at the top of your Client Home page in a section entitled 'Adverts Not Posted'; this is to enable you to verify and/or modify the details before releasing it for display on the Wannafone pages, at this stage it will NOT appear on the Wannafone site.
When you are satisfied that all is well with your Ad, you MUST 'POST' it to enable it to display on the site.
Another reason why your Ad might not appear on the Wannafone website, is because we have removed it because in our opinion it is in breach of our 'Terms and Conditions', please SEE Q4 below.

Q4: Why has my Ad been removed?

If your Ad is deemed to breach Wannafone Terms and Conditions or the spirit of our site, or we have received and upheld a complaint from a user, then we will remove it.
If we remove your Ad we will send you an email explaining the reasons why your Ad has been removed. Our Emails to you could end up in junk or trash folder, so be sure to check.

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